November 2, 2011

Web conference software

Once in a while we have a need to do web conferences. This need does not come up very often; for most purposes we are quite happy with Skype. However if you have a real conference going on (ie multiple people), or you need to share your desktop with someone who does not have Skype installed a tool like Webex is quite handy, however it costs money. Being so very thrifty, we did a little searching and found this little nugget:; this little guy has a quite capable free version of web conferencing. We were able to share a desktop quite nicely. The only thing you need installed on host/client PC is java; which most of us should have by now. Let's just hope it does not get bought and killed like

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TalentsFromIndia said...

I saw your tool, but i believe free web meeting software like skype are not best as other paid tools, but thanks for the nice information.